Why #Idesignhere with The Guild Hub, Bath


This week we popped along to The Guild Hub in Bath to find out how the city has influenced one of it’s most vibrant coworking spaces.

Bristol & Bath by Design: Why are you in Bath? What brought you to Bath?

Tatjana: I love being based in Bath as there is so much happening here, but a lot of it still takes place under the radar - it's not all Austen and bonnets! There is such a strong tech and creative workforce here - both of which are design-led communities. When I moved back to the city in 2011, I came to organise a tech expo showcasing the best tech companies in the region to run alongside a tech conference XMediaLab.

Work brought me here initially, but the city has kept me here. It's a beautiful city to work in, with loads of great bars and pubs to go out for lunch and in the evening.

Bristol & Bath by Design: What was the inspiration for setting up The Guild?

Tatjana: The Guild originally came about as we recognised there was a lack of office space available to many of the cities start-ups working in the tech and creative industries. Many of our members were either working from home or in coffee shops as they weren't attracted to serviced offices on offer; nor did they want to have their own office space - something that can be both difficult to find and afford here in Bath.

Bristol & Bath by Design: How has being in Bath shaped what you do?

Tatjana: In the most immediate sense, it helped that B&NES Council recognised there was a need for space like The Guild, and awarded us with Capital Grant to redevelop the space.

It is also true that many of our members have recently relocated to the area, so spaces like The Guild provide the perfect place to network and grow your business. They also work as community spaces - a place where you can share work and ideas with like-minded individuals. It has acted as a springboard for many of our members and companies.

The networking in Bath is so strong that you will meet people instantly, and there is a huge amount of support for businesses here. For every area of industry there is always a networking group. It is also a real word of mouth town - which can be both positive and negative - sometimes unless someone has heard the same thing from 5 different people they won't come in!

Bristol & Bath by Design: What does the future hold for The Guild?

Tatjana: After being open for just over two years, we are almost at capacity, with over 150 members. The company is now looking at expansion options here in Bath, Bristol and further afield so keep an eye out!

The Guild currently have a small number of memberships available to creative and technology companies. Get in touch with Tatjana sharpish for more details.

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